Coconut Shell – Bird Feeders

Humans have been feeding birds for a very long time. Possibly this was the root of the custom to put out bundles of wheat for the birds. The activity of feeding birds has become a favoured pastime for many. The joyful chirping of birds all around creates a relaxing sound. It is an excellent form of relaxation and serves to relieve stress. This entertaining activity can be shared by children and adults everywhere. It also teaches young ones to take care of birds and animals. Feeding birds provide us the pleasure and satisfaction of helping them survive and thrive, especially when the weather is less than hospitable.

Personal gardens with bird feeders and bird houses play a significant contribution to protect wild birds. A bird feeder is a container placed outdoors for the birds to feed on bird seed. Bird feeding is a popular and convenient way to observe birds closely.

Coconut shells are naturally strong, able to contain the suet and endure the birds' claws. The rough brown, husky shells also blend in with their natural surroundings, wherever you hang them in the garden. Coconut bird feeders are also environmentally friendly; by taking a 100% biodegradable by-product and turning it into a low cost bird feeder, we have created a quick, clean and simple way of feeding a multitude of birds.

Coconut shells are eco-friendly and readily available. Artists reuse these shells by processing them. Shells are used as a container for bird seeds. They are scrapped, polished, and the ready-to-use seed bars put into them. A rope loop is attached to the shell to hang it outdoors. A natural bird feeder attracts birds to eat seeds. Ziffe provides employment opportunities to women artist utilizing their leisure time and full time.

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Coconut Shell – Bowls and Cups

No matter what style of coconut bowl you want, based on our extensive experience, we can manufacture it. In particular, our equipment supports slightly bending the edge of the natural coconut shell, which makes the final product can be distinguished from the vast majority of coconut bowls on the market.

There's nothing quite like a Coconut Bowl. The way they are made, look, and feel is all totally unique. Anyone who's eaten from one knows that Coconut Bowls feeling - that sense of being totally in touch with nature and your food. So what exactly is it that makes them so special? Keep reading to find out!

The whole process of wholesale coconut bowl

This is what we do when it comes to making wholesale coconut bowls:

Harvesting of Coconuts:

We harvest them for their flesh and instead of throwing away and burning the husks, we convert them into coconut bowls.

The Bowl Making Process:

The coconut husks are broken into halves, shaped and polished. They also undergo sanding process and are painted before polishing.

Design Them For a Unique Touch:

The bowls are incorporated with a number of shapes, patterns and graphics which makes them to stand out.

The Final Process:

Organic coconut oil is applied on them when every other process is complete.

Coconut Bowls Accompaniments:

We use wood waste in making forks, chops sticks, spoons and knives which can be used with the coconut bowls.

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