Ziffe Exports is a leading Exporter of Biodegradable & Compostable products which are commonly known as Palm leaf Plate | Areca Leaf Plates |
Natural Dinnerware | Disposable Plates | Ecofriendly Tableware | Bio-Degradable Dinner Plates | Palmblatt Teller.

Our essential thought process is advancing to the Eco-friendly environment. In the method for implementing and protecting Mother Nature, we produce and distribute worldwide the Palm Leaf products, which will change the habit for utilizing items made out of plastic and non-degradable materials and are involved in the exporting these products throughout the World. The beautiful palm leaf dinnerware odds to the rustic and eco-friendly appeal of your event Each plate is unique with varied thickness, textures and shades, almost like each one had its own identity. Soothing natural colours of cream, badge and brown artistically designed Mother Nature herself. The earthy look and natural charm of the dinnerware never ever goes unnoticed at gatherings and often found to be a great conversation starter, they look very different than other disposable dishes Makes a great gift when going for potluck dinners and picnics.

The huge demand for disposable tableware in the food industry has become the largest contributor to environmental pollution. We realized this and began to search for an alternative that could replace plastic. After extensive research we stumbled upon Biodegradable and bagasse products. Ziffe Exports came into existence as a company that manufactures 100-percent biodegradable and compostable tableware products made from plant leaf & Fibre.

Biodegradable dinnerware has become the primary business front of the company, given the demand for disposable products in the market.

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Our vision is to establish ourselves as a leading exporter of eco friendly products in US, UK and Europe.

Our products offer Natural food packaging service in UK, Europe and US, a great tableware alternative to reduce their environmental footprint and promote the zero waste goals With a focus on the principles of sustainable business, we hope to help minimize impact on the planet and its people.

    Hard and Sturdy, feels almost like thin layer of wood

   Great with hot food makes it easy to serve and handle hot dishes

   Great with liquids you can use them for soups , curries , chillies and so on

   Reusable may be reused for dry dishes , can withstand a wet wipe


   Freezer safe

Our Products

Different quality standards are being followed based on the markets. we also provide exclusive designs includes Circular, Rectangle, Hexagon and Square shapes, oval shapes and spoons, with various sizes based on the customer reference.

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